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Listen to Riley
WFHB Logo "Firehouse Sessions" from WFHB
Click here to listen to Riley & Dirk's visit with Jim Manion of WFHB's "Firehouse Sessions" in Bloomington, IN (February 2015).
WUNC Logo "State of Things" from WUNC
Click here to listen to Riley's visit with Frank Stasio in the WUNC studios in Durham, NC in August 2012.
Mountain Stage Logo Mountain Stage with Larry Groce
Click here to listen to Riley's set from the 700th Mountain Stage show, recorded live at the Paramount Theatre, Bristol TN/VA in August 2009.
NPR Logo "Weekend Edition" from NPR
Noah Adams of NPR caught up with Riley in September 2007 at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, WV for "Weekend Edition". Click here to listen to the interview.
WNYC Logo "Soundcheck" from WNYC
Back in September 2006, John Shaefer of WNYC's Soundcheck invited Riley into the studio. Click here to listen.